Van Rentals Chicago


We all have this basic concept of a limousine. It involves the concepts of elegance, luxury, prestige, perhaps even romance or “special occasion”. Throughout the special events of our lives, we make sure we have the very best elements to prepare a scene of flawlessness and beauty, even if it is just for one night. In preparing this scenario, whom you trust to provide the limousine is essential to materialize this vision. Trust us, Sprinter Travel, and you won’t be disappointed.


Even if it’s not just an event, but a business meeting, your pitch starts from the moment your client or future partner lays eyes on you. Are you getting off the right vehicle with the right entourage? Limousine rentals might do the trick, especially if you are from out of town.


We’ve seen them in movies, we’ve seen them in award ceremonies, but we rarely have seen them right in front of our eyes. Celebrities and icons getting off a limousine, the door opened by their chauffeur. It seems like the vehicle is the perfect accessory to their evening gowns. Of course we have the same opportunity to dress to impress, but more importantly, the opportunity to give in to a hedonist lifestyle, at least for a night out in the town.


Chicago at night. Can you picture the city and the lights bouncing off the perfect limousine surface as you turn on 5th avenue? The driver’s wrinkle-less suit, a crisp cap on his/her head, emanating their own style and elegance. You drop down the rear mirror, you do the final touches to your hair, to finish off the perfect style. What will the special event be? An opening, an anniversary, perhaps prom?
Prom is a timeless event that every generation expects with the coming of their high school graduation. A time to rejoice, an era has ended, but this is also a rite of passage into a new one. Everything needs to be picture perfect: the gown, the corsage, your date, your limousine, and your limo driver. Get it all right and the rest will go like butter. Your friends will not believe the limousine you arrive in.


The wedding of your dreams cannot miss the long stretch limousine moment. Or better yet, a vintage vehicle that will hold your timeless beauty in your bride gown. Let them all gasp as the driver opens up the door for you, and you step onto the red carpet surrounded by your guests, waiting for you. Why not drive the bridesmaids in a special vehicle for themselves? let them also have a piece of glamour. After all, their role is to support and be there for their best friend. The groom can also have a sleek vehicle driving him to the wedding chapel. Everyone has their own special treatment waiting for them.


All of these picture perfect moments are also dependent on the adequate logistics strategy. movéo benefits from a great network of professional chauffeurs that are trained specifically to act & look their best, and of course, drive like if you were gliding through the sky. Book online and let us know what your occasion is. Perhaps a quick lift to the airport, or a special event indeed.


Sprinter Travel is not just a limousine rental, along with the vehicles we work with professional drivers and a logistic that can support the creation of these picture perfect moments. The highest standards are our only standard. We make sure our staff goes through an adequate process of training so that you, the passenger, feel like you went from point A to point B in one smooth swift. Don’t get stuck with services that will render a fix-me-up car with a shabby driver. Ask for the best and experience the best limousine rental out there. Are you ready for a cruise?